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  • Just a Card Week

      I hope, by now, that you know about the Just a Card campaign!  If not, please read my blog about it, posted soon after it started. The exciting news is that next week is Just a Card Week. The aim is to make a lot of noise on social media, so everyone knows about the campaign.  There will be an Instagram challenge, daily blog posts with tips for using social media for your small business and an
  • Design Challenge - On the Road

      This month's design challenge has a sort of holiday theme, although it doesn't have to be - it's On the Road.  So you could interpret that as travelling, caravanning, hiking or biking, or the wherewithal to do those things (maps, compasses, boots etc.)  Or maybe you'll go for an abstract design based on the colours seen On the Road, go-faster lines or ...... I love seeing the different ways you interpret the monthly themes
  • Design Challenge Themes July - December 2018

      We have almost come to the end of the design challenge / competition themes which I gave you for the first half of the year.  So here are the themes for the rest of 2018.  As before, the first date is the launch date, when, as usual, I'll give you the full details.  The second date is the closing date. Theme Date 1 Date 2   Girl's Cut & Sew Skirt 05-Jul 17-Jul
  • Royal Wedding Design Competition Winner

    Apologies that this post is so late.  We've been celebrating our Ruby Wedding Anniversary with a lunch party in our garden for 60 people.  I had a lot of printing to do last week and was trying to get it all done by Thursday evening so that I could take Friday off to get organised for our party on Saturday.  (Fortunately, our kids were doing the catering, so I didn't have to do much for
  • Royal Wedding Design Competition

      Sadly, we only had two entries in this month's design competition - perhaps the weather was too good to sit inside designing! The two were: Guess How Much I Love You and: Hip Hip Hooray Don't forget to vote for your favourite, either here (below) or on Facebook.  The closing date for voting is Tuesday, May 22nd.  You can find the full details for the competition in the blog post 'Design Competition - Royal Wedding.  The
  • Fabric and Fashions 1970s

    Despite living through this decade - or perhaps because of it! -  I've found it quite hard to pinpoint the main popular features.  It may also be because a trend which started in the 1960s has continued - fashion is aimed at the young.  Although everyone adopted many of the trends in some form or another, the extremes, particularly in skirt lengths, tended only to be adopted by the young.  So some items of clothing from the 1970s
  • Design competition - Royal Wedding

    It's competition time! This month, we have a fabric design competition with the theme Royal Wedding.  But be careful!  We don't really want anything too 'obvious', because no-one is going to want fabric with the Royal couple on it after May 19th.  So, can you interpret the theme imaginatively, maybe based around crowns, flowers (again!), fairy tale royal weddings (but be careful of copyright; we don't want any obvious Disney princesses) or royal
  • A Stitch in Time

      Did you watch A Stitch in Time on BBC4 earlier in the year?  If so, you will know what a great programme it was - a mixture of art, fashion history, sewing, techniques and detective work! Each week, a painting was selected and one of the costumes was made, using fabrics and methods as close to the original as possible.  The garments were made by Ninya Mikhaila (The Tudor Tailor) and her team, to fit presenter and
  • Spring Flowers Design Challenge Entries

    We had seven entries in this month's Spring Flowers design challenge, and it's surprising how different they look, especially when you consider that there was a limited palette for the design.  Unfortunately, one of the entries didn't include an account name and I haven't been able to find her design at the moment.  If I can find it later, I'll add it in.  But it does highlight the need to read the
  • Is it safe to pay via Paypal?

      Making payments for internet purchases can be tricky.  If you pay by credit card, there's always the thought that someone may get hold of your card details.  In any case, for new (ish) internet businesses, that isn't an option - banks won't allow it! Paypal That's where Paypal comes in.  In its early days, Paypal didn't always have a good reputation.  However, that's not the case now.  Paypal's
  • Design Challenge - Spring Flowers

    I can't believe it's time for a new Design Challenge, but my calendar tells me it is! This month's theme is Spring Flowers.  Since there were flowers in evidence during last month's competition, I've decided to add an extra little challenge this month and give you a limited colour palette.  Spring flowers are predominantly yellow, so this month's design must use only shades of yellow, orange and green, plus black and white
  • Easter Design Competition Winner

      The votes have been cast in our Easter Design Competition and the winner is  -  Lorraine Golding, aka multitalentedartist, with her design Primrose Patchwork.  Lorraine said of her design, 'Primroses always make me think of Easter and they are a very hard working, understated, subtle little flower.'  The many comments on Facebook would suggest that many people agree with her.   Well done, Lorraine.  Well done, also, to our other entrants.  Thanks
  • Easter Design Competition Entries

    It's time to vote in our Easter Design Competition - which of the four entries do you like best?    Will you go for Bunnies, eggs and chicks? Easter Chicks Easter chicks and Bunnies   Green Eggs Or do you prefer flowers? Primrose Patchwork Vote for your favourite(s) either below or on our Facebook page - both will count towards the total. If you need to remind yourself of the brief, you can find the details here.