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  • Design Challenge Entries - For the Boys

    We have four entries in this month's design challenge.  Let's hope some of your boys like them! In alphabetical order, they are: And I Love You Stihl by  multitalentedartist Gaming Black by Adele Bradwell.  Adele said, 'Since most kids I know love their games and technology I decided to do a gaming inspired design.' United Foam by Wizawaz Scuba Divers by Heckadoodledo Very different styles amongst the entries this month, so there should be at
  • Children's Design Competition Entries

    We had two entries for this year's Children's Design Competition. Ela, age 10, entered Rainbow Unicorn: Lia, age 4, called her design Lia: Aren't they lovely?  I love the bright colours of the Unicorn design.  It will be intersting to see what the girls decide to make with their fabric. Here they both are as fat quarters: Any children who are inspired by these designs may, of course, take part in the monthly challenge or
  • Design Challenge - For the Boys

      Welcome back to a new year of designing and sewing!  I hope you all had a jolly Christmas and are ready to get back to everyday life. Our design challenge for children is still running (read all about it here), but it's time for a new challenge for everyone. I'm risking the opprobrium of the PC brigade by making the theme of this month's challenge For the Boys.  It might not be politically correct
  • Design Challenge Themes in 2018

      The observant amongst you will have noticed that we have come to the end of the design challenge / competition themes which I gave you for the second half of the year, back in June.  So here are the themes for the first few months of 2018.  As before, the first date is the launch date, when, as usual, I'll give you the full details.  The second date is the closing date. Theme Date 1 Date
  • Spotting Patterns

      I hope you enjoyed our recent Instagram Pattern Challenge, whether you posted a 'found' pattern or just looked at the patterns others had found. Some of the patterns we found are deliberate ones - beautifully decorated walls and ceilings, architectural features and so on. But in many ways the most fun patterns are the 'accidental' ones.  The ones created by shadows, the alignment of a number of features, leaves or flower stalks against the sky.  Sometimes it can
  • Children's Design Competition

      Have you finished your shopping, yet?  Wrapped your presents?  Written the cards? Made and decorated the cake?  Not to mention the 1001 other things which need to be done this month.  No?  I thought not!  We all have too much to do this month to think about design challenges, so this month is turned over to your children - or grandchildren, nephews and nieces, the kids next door.  Anyone under the age of
  • Last Printing Dates for Christmas

      Christmas is rapidly approaching;  if you want to receive your order before Christmas, please take note of the last dates we can accept orders, which are as follows: For posting to Eastern Europe - December 1st For posting to Australia and New Zealand - December 7th For posting to Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland - December 9th For posting to Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden - December 11th For posting to the rest of Europe, including Ireland  - December 13th For
  • Bonfire Night Challenge Entries

    Just two entries in this month's Bonfire Night design challenge: Stitched Shooting Stars by Helen Hodgson aka Polly Dextrous  Helen has followed her recent tradition of creating a fabric design from an embroidery stitched onto card.  If you're wondering how she does it, she very kindly wrote a tutorial for us last year, which you can find in the blog post Design Tutorial - Using Embroidery. Bangers by Lolly Golding aka Multitalentedartist Lolly was inspired
  • Instagram Pattern Challenge

      The world is full of patterns which are there for the spotting!  You just have to be on the look-out for them - which I know many of you are. To encourage us all to be aware of our surroundings, and to spot interesting patterns, I'm running an Instagram pattern challenge, starting on Saturday, November 25th.  Each day for that week, I'll give you a prompt for your challenge.  If you're not already
  • Design challenge - Bonfire Night

      I hesitated about this month's design challenge theme. I really wanted to have a Bonfire Night theme - it's such a British institution, although perhaps not quite so much these days.  I have so many happy memories of going out in the dark on a cold winter's night; building the bonfire earlier in the day with my dad, who was always very excited about Bonfire Night; standing as close to the fire as we dared / were
  • Fabric and Fashions 1930s

      It's a long time since the last instalment of our occasional series on fabric and fashions of the 20th century. We're up to the 1930s – the beginning of clothes which, to me at any rate, feel similar to the ones we wear now, especially with vintage fashions being so popular at the moment. 'Smart' clothes still tended to be plain colours, with an emphasis on glamour, especially for evening wear.  Fashion was greatly influenced by
  • Design Competition Winner

      Congratulations to Sally Roydhouse of Fabric Mountain, whose design, Scandi Festive cushion, won this month's competition.  There were some wonderful Christmas Cushions created (you can see them here and also on Facebook) and I think that's some of my Christmas presents sorted out!  (I just have to sew them up, now!) You can find all the entries in our Market Place - there's something to suit all tastes. Thanks to those who entered, and to
  • Design Competition Entries - Christmas Cushion

    It's time to vote for your favourite Christmas cushion design(s)!  I think there's something for everyone here, the styles are so varied.  In no particular order, there's: Christmas Robin Cushion Panel   Snow Square Cushion   Sleeping Badger   Patchwork Snowflakes   Scandi Festive Cushion (Inspired by the cool colours of Scandinavia against a Scottish landscape.)   Hedgehog Christmas Stamp Cushion   Vote below or over on FB, and don't forget to tell