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  • Spring Flowers Design Challenge Entries

    We had seven entries in this month's Spring Flowers design challenge, and it's surprising how different they look, especially when you consider that there was a limited palette for the design.  Unfortunately, one of the entries didn't include an account name and I haven't been able to find her design at the moment.  If I can find it later, I'll add it in.  But it does highlight the need to read the
  • Is it safe to pay via Paypal?

      Making payments for internet purchases can be tricky.  If you pay by credit card, there's always the thought that someone may get hold of your card details.  In any case, for new (ish) internet businesses, that isn't an option - banks won't allow it! Paypal That's where Paypal comes in.  In its early days, Paypal didn't always have a good reputation.  However, that's not the case now.  Paypal's
  • Design Challenge - Spring Flowers

    I can't believe it's time for a new Design Challenge, but my calendar tells me it is! This month's theme is Spring Flowers.  Since there were flowers in evidence during last month's competition, I've decided to add an extra little challenge this month and give you a limited colour palette.  Spring flowers are predominantly yellow, so this month's design must use only shades of yellow, orange and green, plus black and white
  • Easter Design Competition Winner

      The votes have been cast in our Easter Design Competition and the winner is  -  Lorraine Golding, aka multitalentedartist, with her design Primrose Patchwork.  Lorraine said of her design, 'Primroses always make me think of Easter and they are a very hard working, understated, subtle little flower.'  The many comments on Facebook would suggest that many people agree with her.   Well done, Lorraine.  Well done, also, to our other entrants.  Thanks
  • Easter Design Competition Entries

    It's time to vote in our Easter Design Competition - which of the four entries do you like best?    Will you go for Bunnies, eggs and chicks? Easter Chicks Easter chicks and Bunnies   Green Eggs Or do you prefer flowers? Primrose Patchwork Vote for your favourite(s) either below or on our Facebook page - both will count towards the total. If you need to remind yourself of the brief, you can find the details here.   
  • Fabric and Fashions 1960s

      Our little look at fashions and fabric during the 20th century has now reached the Swinging Sixties - possibly one of the most exciting decades in fashion history. Fashions at the beginning of the 60s were much the same as the end of the 50s - full skirts, slimline suits with pretty blouses.  In fact, it was some time before hemlines rose (and rose!) and skirts became straighter and less structured and the classic 1960s look emerged. Classic 1960s suit
  • Design Competition - Easter

      We have a Design Competition this month - and the theme is Easter. What does Easter mean to you?            Easter Eggs?                     The Cross?                               Hot Cross Buns?                                          Spring
  • Sparking a Design

      Why do you want to design your own fabric? There are lots of reasons why people choose to design their own fabric, but I think it boils down to two main reasons – either to get a design and / or a colour scheme which they can't buy, or because they enjoy the process. If it's the former, it's probably best to stick to a simple design.  If you design for fun, you will probably, at
  • Design Challenge Entries - Squares

    We had six entries in this month's challenge, and it's good to welcome a couple of new entrants, alongside some regulars.  From darkest to lightest, the designs are (with the fat quarter view on the left, swatch on the right): Almost Square by Linsart. Square Illusion by Olgart Mosaic Water by PoSH Sashiko Squares by Polly Dextrous Helen said she has been inspired by her current obsession - stitching samplers using indigo dyed threads based on traditional
  • Fabric and Fashions 1950s

      Now that we've reached the 1950s, the big problem is sorting out genuine 1950s images from current ones.  Even more than the 1940s, 1950s fashions are popular now, and it can be hard to spot which are 1950s dresses and which are just 1950s style!  (The waistline is often a giveaway - in the 1950s, women still wore corsets to give that elegant - if uncomfortable - nipped-in waist.) These photos from the Love Sewing 'Essential Vintage Sewing
  • Design Challenge - Squares

      It's Design challenge time again! In case you haven't already seen / guessed, this month's challenge theme is Squares. You can play with interlocking squares of different sizes, go for square blocks of colour or even create a 'picture' made up of squares.  Wherever your imagination takes you! There's inspiration in last week's blog, Square Inspiration, and on my Pinterest board Inspiration. From   FULL  DETAILS: Please upload your challenge
  • Square Inspiration

     In preparation for next week's design challenge, based on Squares, here is some inspiration to get your ideas flowing. Designs based solely on squares will probably need to make good use of colour:   Squares within squares:      Windows are often based on squares, though many are more rectangular or even other shapes.  Even so, they can provide inspiration:     Quilts are another source of inspiration in using squares:      You could
  • Fabric and Fashions 1940s

    We have now reached the 1940s - a decade obviously dominated by World War ll, and within living memory of a significant number of people. The early part of the decade was greatly influenced by the war, rationing and shortages.  It was the era of Make Do and Mend. Home sewing was very popular - if you could make yourself a new skirt from your Dad's old trousers, then you were already ahead of the game.  (And some of