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Don't Miss Our Instagram Pattern Challenge!

22 August 2016 09:00

Since I started Print me Pretty, which involves working with designers and their designs, I find I see patterns everywhere!  Do you find that?

So I thought it might be fun to share some of our observations in an Instagram Challenge.  Apologies to those of you not on Instagram.  You can join in the challenge with your camera (or phone), but you won't be able to share your photos so easily.  Please feel free to email any good ones to me at and I'll include some in the round-up.

Starting on Thursday, August 25th, I'll give you a prompt for your challenge each day for 2 weeks.  If you're not already following me on Instagram, you can find me here.  We'll use the hashtag #PmPpatterns, so that we can find each other's photos.

I'm going to list the prompts here, so you can use them in any order.  Some of them might be good on one day and hopeless on another.  There may also be some overlap between them.  Don't worry about it - just take photos of inspirational patterns you find around you.  Don't worry, either, if you can't do them all - just do what you can or want to do.

Next month's design challenge will be based on this Instagram Challenge, so you might like to bear that in mind whilst you're snapping away.  They're two separate challenges - you don't have to do one to do the other - just linked.

The prompts will be:

  • At home
  • In the garden
  • In the street
  • Sky
  • Shopping
  • Transport
  • Buildings
  • Water
  • Doors & windows
  • Fruit & veg
  • Floors
  • At play
  • Letters
  • Serendipity

 I will do a round-up of some of the best photos and may regram some, from those using #PmPpatterns.  If you'd rather I didn't use your photo, please let me know.

Happy snapping!