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15 September 2016 09:00

From time to time, I read Sarah Knight's blog, Crafts from the Cwtch. On a recent visit there, I read her article about Prisma, a smartphone app for manipulating photos.  It looked interesting, so I downloaded the app (it's free) and started to play.

There are 30 different filters, which can have surprising and sometimes dramatic effects on your photo.  The changes in colour are perhaps the most surprising change. 

This photo:

looked like this (and more):

I haven't yet learnt to predict the effect a filter will have, because it depends on the original.  Using 'Mondrian', this photo looked like this:

whilst this photo looked like this:


Some filters don't work so well with some photos, but there's usually at least one which produces a great effect.

Has anyone else discovered Prisma yet?  What have you produced with it?  Which is your favourite filter?  Could you make use of this in your designing??


All the fabrics in the photos above can be found in our Market Place.  (original versions only, of course!)