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Make a Hexie Christmas Decoration

10 November 2016 10:00

A while ago, I came across this Christmas decoration on Pinterest.

(Found in Annie's Catalog)

I liked it, and so do quite a few other people!  I decided to make one, but there were no instructions.  So here are my instructions for making a Hexie Christmas Decoration.

Hexie Christmas Decoration

You will need:

  • Christmas fabric scraps
  • 3/4" paper hexagons
  • needle & thread
  • ribbon to match / contrast
  • backing fabric - optional

           Or you can buy a kit from us, containing everything you need!

To make:

  1. Cut out 6 hexies, cutting along the cutting line if you're using our kit.   If you're using your own fabric, don't forget that they need to be about ¼" larger all round than your paper hexies.
  2. Centre a paper hexie on the back of a fabric hexie and fold all the edges down.  If you're using cotton, fold firmly against the paper and they will crease well enough to hold whilst you sew.  If you're using a less firm fabric, you may have to pin the 2 hexies together.
3. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.  Then tack neatly all round the edges of the hexie.  Normally, you would take these stitches out, along with the paper, when your hexies are sewn together.  However, for the decoration, you need to keep the papers in, to give some stability to the decoration.  So you need to stitch neatly!  If you wish to make more of a feature of the stitches, you could use  embroidery thread.
4. Make 6 hexies in the same way.
5. Arrange your hexies into a ring, making sure that they are all the same way up if your fabric is directional.
6. Join the hexies together.  [To do this, put 2 hexies with right sides together.  Take tiny stitches across both hexies along one edge.  Make sure you're sewing the right edges together and they're the right way up!]
7. Cut a length of ribbon approximately 14cms long and stitch it to the back of your decoration, in the centre of the top hexie.  Or you can glue it in place.
Now you have a choice - you can keep this as a single-sided decoration, or make another ring for the back.

For a single-sided decoration:

Cut out 6 hexies in plain fabric and stitch or glue them to the back of each hexie on your decoration.  These should be slightly smaller than the decoration hexies, so that they don't show on the front, but cover all the raw edges on the back.  I used self-adhesive felt, to avoid turning the edges under!

For a double-sided decoration:

Make another ring, as above, but without the hanging ribbon.  Stitch or glue the two rings together, with wrong sides together.