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Victorian Garden Design Competition Entries

26 January 2017 13:07

We've had an excellent response to our Victorian Garden design competition, with some lovely designs.  It's not going to be easy to choose a winner!

Not surprisingly, given that the fabric will be used to make lavender bags, quite a few of the designs are lavender in colour!

Through the Looking Glass

Lavender Flower


Red Cross Victorian Garden


Victorian Deco

Also not surprisingly, many feature flowers, or even seed packets:

Victorian Garden Lavender Bag

Flower Frenzy

Victorian Garden

Bee on Lavender

Quite a few feature the lovely fencing, including some of the designs above:

Bandstand Lavender

Stitched Garden

Victorian Garden

Victorian Floral Fencing

And Octavia Hill featured in a couple of designs:

Octavia's Garden

Octavia's Garden

Octavia Hill

Congratulations on making it to the end!  If you would like to tell us which is your favourite, or tell the designer what you like about a design, you can comment below.  The designs will also be on our Facebook page.

Judging will take place early next week, and the winner will be announced next Thursday.  Many of the designs will soon be available in our Market Place.