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Goodbye Minnie

16 February 2017 08:30

Today I have some very sad news to tell you: Minnie has died.  For those who don't know, Minnie is our printer.

She printed her last run last Tuesday.  Since then, we've been trying all sorts of things to revive her, but to no avail.  She thinks there's no ink, or the wrong ink, and we can't convince her otherwise.  As long as she thinks that, she won't print.  Sadly, that model is no longer made or supported by the manufacturer, so we have reluctantly decided to pension her off.

The good news is that I will soon have a shiny new printer.  The not-so-good news is that it won't arrive until the end of next week - and it would have been longer, but my printer suppliers are pulling out all the stops to get me back in action asap.  So I'm afraid my little break from printing (for my son's wedding) is turning into a rather longer break than I would have liked.  I'll let you know when we'll be up and running again.

In the meantime, we're thinking of a suitable way to celebrate the arrival of the new printer - any ideas??

One last look at Minnie in action