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Christmas Fabric Pompom

27 October 2014 10:18

Half term - and what to suggest when the kids get bored?  At least it looks like the weather might be in your favour!  (Apologies to those of you who were on half term last week - I only discovered on Friday that that was the case.)  This week, I've got some fairly simple fabric Christmas decorations to show you, for you to have a go at making with your children.  Even if they're not 'perfect', the fact that you (and they) have made them will make them wonderful to your family.  You can make some memories at the same time!  Today's offering is:

No-sew Fabric Pompom

Rummage in your scraps to find suitable colours for a Christmas pompom.  Or use some of your 20cm squares!

You will need:

Lots of fabric pieces about 5cms across - they don't need to be square, or even all that even!  The colours should go together.  I chose to use blue, white and grey, using designs by Paysmage, plus some coordinating plain scraps.
polystyrene ball
wooden skewer
length of ribbon
scissors - you can use pinking shears if you like

To make:

1. Cut the fabric into pieces approximately 5cms across
2. Put the blunt end of the skewer onto the centre of a piece of fabric (right-side up).  Pull the corners up and hold in place.
3. Push the fabric into the polystyrene ball.  You need to push quite hard, so that the piece stays in place.
4. Continue, putting the pieces fairly close together, until the ball is covered.
5. At this point, there will probably be some corners of fabric which stick out.  Neaten the ball with scissors.  You need sharp scissors, or they will pull the fabric out of the ball.
6. Fold a length of ribbon in half.  Push a pin through both ends and pin it to the ball.  Push the pin right in until the head is against the ball.
7. Hang from your tree!
The ball is fairly fragile - the fabric will come out easily.  You could put a dab of glue on the 'point' of fabric just before you push it into the ball.  It might be easier to make a hole in the polystyrene first if you do that.  Or you could pin the fabric in place.  (Push a pin through the centre of the fabric and into the ball.  However, pushing the fabric into the ball (rather than just pinning it onto the surface) gathers the fabric up.  You won't get that if you use pins, so it may be more fiddly to gather the fabric before you pin another piece next to it, so that the pieces hold each other up.)  Or - treat the ball gently!!

We'd love to see photos if you have a go at making a fabric pompom!