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Basic Design Alterations

04 May 2017 08:30

Did you try out a design, following the Create your First Fabric Design blog post?  If so, you may well want to make changes to it.  Maybe you want the  design to be bigger, more spaced out, with a different background?

Here are some ways you can make changes to the basic design.

  • Make it bigger

                     You can't make a design uploaded at 150dpi bigger on our web site.  If you think, when you start, that you may want to make your design bigger, start with a higher resolution, then you can make it bigger by clicking on the 'larger' button till you get down to 150dpi.  However, if you decide later that you want to make your design bigger, you will have to go back to your design software.  You may be able to make your design bigger here by clicking on Image, Resize, and changing the dimensions without changing the resolution.

 Original design 2" canvas                                                           Canvas enlarged to 4"

  • Make it smaller

                     You can make a design smaller by changing the resolution on the website, if you haven't yet ordered.  Click on the smaller button till you get to the size you want.

 If you have ordered, you can still work on the web site, but you will need to upload your design again, and give it a different name.  On the web site, the dpi changes in increments of 50dpi.  If this doesn't allow for the size you want, you'll have to go back to your software and change the dpi there.

Original design 2" canvas                                                     Canvas reduced to 1"

  • Change the background colour

                      This change will have to be made in your design software.  Pick your new colour and use the Fill tool to fill either the background or your design.

  • Move the design elements closer together

                     This has to be done in your design software.  Starting with your tile (design element and background), crop some of the background away.  You can crop from the top, top and bottom or one or both sides, depending on the effect you want.


  Original tile cropped top and bottom                                      Now with a straight repeat, giving columns of daisies

  • Move the design elements further apart

                      Again in your design software, moving the design elements further apart is the opposite of moving them closer.  (Surprise, surprise!)  Instead of making the background smaller, you make it bigger.  Upload your original tile.  Click on Image, Canvas size.  Then change the dimensions.  This will make your canvas bigger.

Now pick up your background colour and fill the new part of the canvas.

Original design 2" canvas                                             Design more widely spaced

If you want a reminder of the steps to take when creating your design, click on the button below for a free checklist of the steps to take.



Enjoy playing with your designs!