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Getting the Colours Right

13 April 2017 10:58


You've created your design and you're happy with it.

But what about the colours?

As most of you will know, getting the right colour is important - and tricky.

You may have what looks like the perfect colour on the screen, only to find, when your fabric arrives, that it looks quite different on the fabric.  You can read more about that in the blog post Colour.

The best way to see what your colours will look like when they're printed is to see them printed!

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • by ordering a swatch of your design, making sure that the colour you want to check is going to be included.  (The printer works from the top LH corner.)  You might have to create a swatch-sized design to do that, if the colour you want isn't in the top LH corner.
  • by creating a swatch consisting of variations of the colour you want.  If you Google 'hex numbers for colours', you will find a number of websites which show colours in various ways, along with their hex numbers.  You can use one of these to find variations of the colour you want.  Then, when you see the variations printed, you can, hopefully, find one that matches what you were looking for.
  • if you do a lot of designing, it's probably worth investing in a Colour Atlas or Colour Chart.  These show lots of colours, with their hex numbers.  We currently have two available: Art on Fabric's 1 metre Colour Guide costs £22 on 195gsm fabric.  We have also just introduced a fq Colour Chart which costs £5.50 plus £2.50 P&P.  However, from now until midnight on Monday, April 17th, you can get one post free by quoting voucher code COLOURFQB.

A few web sites for checking colours: