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Christmas wreath

29 October 2014 09:00

There are lots of ways to make a wreath for Christmas.  This one is made from scraps of fabric tied to a wire coat hanger - so the cost can be kept low.  They are surprisingly addictive, too!  I've made them with Guides (aged 10 - 14), who loved making them.  They can take a while, so probably best spread over a few sessions.  They're also good for making in front of the TV.

You will need:

a wire coat hanger 

lots of strips of fabric, about 13cms long by 3cms wide, preferably in different thicknesses and textures.  For a Christmas wreath, use shades of green, or a colour to coordinate with your other decorations.

To make:

1. Form the coat hanger into a circle,. 

2. Wrap the handle and down to the main part of the hanger, with a long strip of fabric, completely covering the wire.  For a Christmas wreath, I would use a plain dark green. 

3.  Tie your mixed strips onto the circle, pushing them close together.  You need lots very close together to give a full wreath.  Keep an eye on the colours as you go.  A random mix looks good, so does a repeated pattern.  A block of one fabric, then another probably doesn't look so good.

4. To finish your wreath off nicely, cut 2 or 3 hearts in different sizes from red felt.  (Biscuit cutters make a good template to draw round.)  Glue or stitch them onto your wreath.  Or you could make a poinsettia or holly leaves and berries.  Or tie narrow red ribbon round the coathanger and tie in a bow. Tie a wide red ribbon at the base of the hanger.

5. Hang up your wreath.