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31 May 2017 09:21


I love Instagram; I think it's my favourite social media platform.

I like taking photos, so it's a good excuse to take more!  I enjoy looking at some of the gorgeous photos other people post.  And it's a very friendly space.  It's easy to connect with other people, and the Instagram community is very positive and welcoming.  There are also all sorts of challenges you can join in with, like the 100 Day Project I'm currently involved in.

This isn't an ad for Instagram, nor am I trying to encourage you to join another platform if you're not already on Instagram.  But if you are, and don't follow Print me Pretty, please do pop along and say hello.  You can find us at printmepretty1.  And if you make anything with 'our' fabric, we'd love you to post a photo of it on Instagram (or any other social media you're on) and tag it with #pmpmakes.

#pmpmakes is a new tag, so that we can showcase things you've made.  (You can add it to existing posts if you want.)  It's a way of showing what can be made with our fabric, and is especially useful if you're selling your fabric, either on the Print me Pretty site, your own site or an Etsy shop, or similar.  I've also just created a Print me Pretty Makes board on Pinterest, which I'd like to fill with things you've made.  Do, please, let me know if you have pictures of your makes anywhere pinnable.