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Colourful Inspiration

29 June 2017 08:30

Are you inspired by colour?

Do you see a colourful scene, a beautiful sunset, a display of flowers and get the urge to create a fabric design, using those colours?  (Sunsets and large groups of flowers are most likely to get me going!)

Next month, you'll get the chance to do that in our design competition.  Yes, the July challenge will be a competition, with the full details on the blog next Thursday.

To get your creative juices flowing, I'm also running a related colour challenge on Instagram.

Each day, starting tomorrow,  I'll be posting photos in a particular colour and you're invited to do the same.  We'll use the hashtag #pmpcolour, so all the images can be seen together.

The colours will be:

  • Friday June 30th  Red
  • Saturday, July 1st  Orange
  • Sunday, July 2nd  Yellow
  • Monday, July 3rd  Green
  • Tuesday, July 4th  Blue
  • Wednesday, July 5th  Purple
  • Thursday, July 6th  White   [I know, white's not a colour!]
  • Friday, July 7th  Pink
  • Saturday, July 8th  All the colours!  Lots of colours together.

It would be good if you could post your photos on the 'right' day, so we get all of one colour together, but if you can't, then post them when you can.

Happy colour spotting!