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Stripes Design Challenge Entries

24 August 2017 12:56

It never ceases to amaze me how often people come up with similar ideas in our design challenges.  Obviously, sometimes the theme is going to suggest certain ideas and it's not surprising, then, to see similar designs.  But who would have guessed that two designers, living in different countries, would have been inspired by the theme Stripes to put the stripes onto items of clothing?  The designs are very different, but the ideas are similar:

Laundry by Tezukuri

Sandra said, 'My laundry inspired me because I love stripes and I have all sort of clothes with stripes.'

Fashion Stripe Pink by Harlow Tree

Then we had:

Leafy Stripe Pink by Fabric M

Bohemian Stripe by Palette of Sylvie Heasman

Purple Stripes by Kimberley Rawe

Stitched Rainbow Stripes by Polly Dextrous

Stripes by Linda Calverley

In case you hadn't guessed, the designs are shown at the fat quarter size and then the swatch size, so you can see more detail.  Don't forget to tell the designers if you like their designs, either below or on our FB page.   Some of these designs will be available in our Market Place soon.

September's challenge is In the Woods.