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Pinterest and Tailwind

13 September 2017 21:09


Do you use Pinterest?  It is a great place to go to find interesting websites - and waste hours if you're not careful!

Print me Pretty has an account, which includes boards about Print me Pretty, design tutorials, things you've made with 'our' fabric and lots of ways to use your fabric.

More and more bloggers and small businesses are using Pinterest and, for them (us!) pinning at the right time can make a big difference.  So now there's Tailwind.  Tailwind is primarily a scheduling service, so probably won't be of interest to you if you're not a business or blogger.  However, Tailwind also has Tribes.  Tribes are a bit like Groups.  They're started by someone with a particular interest; when you join, you agree to abide by their rules, the main one of which is usually that you will repin a pin from the Tribe for every one of your own posts you pin.  (But you don't have to pin your own posts.)  Again, this is more likely to be of use if you're a business, but it can be a good way to find recommended posts on a particular topic.

Tribes are free to use (you need to sign up to Tailwind, but you can get a free trial by signing up via the link below - and I may get a little bonus, too) and you don’t need to pay anything to continue using the Tribes, even after your free trial has expired. They are a useful way of finding lots of Pins on one topic.

I have now set up a Tribe called Fabric Design, for anything related to fabric design, particularly tutorials and inspiration. The main rule of the Tribe is that you share a pin from your feed for every one that you post. You should also only pin vertical pins – a size of 735 x 1102 pixels is optimum.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us:

1. Sign up to Pinterest  if you haven’t already got an account
2. Sign up for a free trial of Tailwind.   (You can do this via step 3 if you prefer.)
3. Join our Tribe 

 See you in the Tribe!