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Design Challenge - In the Woods

29 September 2017 09:10

Lots of dark and gloomy designs, this month, not surprisingly, with lots of birds and trees.  In each case, the first image shows the design at the fat quarter size, the second one is at the swatch size, so you can see the detail better.

Woodland Animals by Ann Harmer

Owls Dark and Dusky by Beth Osman

Please take your litter home by Maiden Aunt

Jayanthi said, 'The influence of nature on William Morris in his textile designs became very tangible to me when walking along the wooded banks of the River Wandle towards Merton Abbey Mills in Colliers Wood (no longer a real wood) where William Morris produced textiles for Liberty and Co.  However, these days, the rush of the river is drowned out by the thunder of the traffic, a large retail park looms behind the trees and the path is strewn with rubbish.  I started with an idealised floral design and then, drawing on the work of Leo Fitzmaurice, added what at first appear to be rabbits.  On closer inspection, they are in fact plastic bags of rubbish with their handles tied into ears, pricked to the urban sounds.' 

In the wood, birds through the leaves by Tezukuri

Some designs were lighter, though, and we even had hedgehogs!  (Anyone seen one this year?)

Stitched Woodland by Polly Dextrous

Helen said, 'I was inspired by autumn and some new threads which have been coloured using natural dyes and so have lovely muted tones. Quite a departure from my usual bright, bold designs, but they are perfect for this theme. '


Smiling Acorns by Nataliebee

Leafy Trees - pebble grey by Sarah Summers
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