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Making presents for children

27 November 2014 09:47

Are you busy making Christmas presents?  Or are you very well organised and it's all done now?

I always think it's nice to give hand-made gifts whenever you can.  I always used to include at least one hand-made item for each of my children in their Christmas sack.  I still do when I can, but it's not always so easy now they're grown up!

So what have you been making for the children you give gifts to?  Or do you still need ideas?  Here are a few.  (You can always make clothes, but if you do that you've probably started on those already.)

Doll's Clothes

Are you looking for something for little girls with dolls?  Extra clothes for the dolls are always in demand.  Bought ones are incredibly expensive and often not well made.  Hand-made ones use tiny scraps of fabric and can look stunning.   There are some ideas for doll's clothes in our blog posts Sewing for Dolls and 6 Crafty Things To Do With Your Kids.  Or how about this one from Chickadee  Isn't it gorgeous?  I'm sure any doll-loving little girl would be delighted to receive a dress like that.

Or what about a sleeping bag for the doll?  This one is on Sewing Craft Gossip.

There are more doll's clothes patterns on my Pinterest board Crafty Sewing Ideas.


Most girls like a bag or two.  There's this one on Sewmccool:

or this one on Make it and Love it:

There are lots more bag ideas on my Pinterest board Make a Bag.

Car Transporter

Boys can be more difficult to make for.   How about a car roll up - a portable raodway with pockets to hold the cars?  Like this one on the Shabby Creek Cottage.

Perfect for every car-loving boy or girl to take out and about.  (Keep them quiet whilst you visit the 'boring' relatives over Christmas!)

Play Mat Bag

I love this idea:  put the mat down and play on it, then gather all the toys or bits of lego into it and pull it up into a bag.  You can find this one on Clarks Condensed.

Stacking Rings

And finally, one for the little ones.  Soft play stacking rings - much nicer than the plastic version.  This one is made from a pattern available from Etsy.

What are you making for the children you give gifts to?  Tell us below - or, better, still, send us a photo!

Toy sack (top) from Sarah's Sewing Room.