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12 October 2017 08:19


Have you heard of Morsbags?

If you went to the GBSB Live, you may have been handed a fabric carrier bag on your way in.  If not, you may have noticed that a large number of people were carrying them.  You may even have seen the Morsbag stand, where more bags were handed out and people were making them.  (Anyone was invited to sit down for a while at one of their sewing machines and stitch up a bag.) These were the Guerilla Baggers I mentioned in my blog post about the Fair.

The idea of the bags is that lots of people make lots of bags (130,741,520 made so far, with over 1,000 made already this month!) and give them away, to encourage us to use reusable bags rather than plastic.  In addition, many of the bags are made from recycled fabric or offcuts.

What a great idea!

Print me Pretty ends up with lots of offcuts of fabric printed with private designs.  We state on our website that these will be given to charity or used by charities.  So far, some of this fabric has gone to the psychiatric hospital where my daughter works, and some to Project Linus.  (You may remember that I'm making a quilt for them from some of these offcuts.)  Having spoken to the people manning the stand at the GBSB Live, I thought that they might be able to use some of our offcuts and they agreed.  So, I hope that you agree, too.

What do you think?

Please let me know, if I've printed a private design of yours, if you're happy for me to donate any of your design I may have, or if you don't want me to.