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The printer arrives

08 January 2014 21:30

Our printer arrived safely yesterday – all 660Kg of it.  The delivery was not without  incident.  In addition to the now-familiar torrential rain, which caused delays, the roll-over door got jammed halfway down.  Fortunately, the printer had been installed, but the forklift truck was stuck inside.   So we were open to the elements and crowded out by a forklift until the door repairers could get to us.  However, the story ended happily, if expensively, with the door closed and the forklift returned to its rightful owners.

Now we just need to get used to the idiosyncrasies of the printer - and I think we need to give her a name.  I think, despite her size, that she should have a girl’s name; she will have one careful lady owner, and she likes to be kept warm and cosy.  Any ideas?