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Making Presents for Men

01 December 2014 08:00

Do any of you make presents for the men in your life?  Aren't they difficult?  Here are a couple of suggestions.

Sports bag

Even a man who wouldn't be seen dead with a 'man bag' might occcasionally need something to carry stuff in - sports kit, for example.  This looks like a good bag for a man, but there don't seem to be any instructions - a list of materials and the photos.  It might be enough for you to follow, though.  This is on Fab Art Diy.

There are, however, instructions for this one on  Weekend Designer: 

It's a bit simpler, and would make a good sports bag for a man or teenage boy.

Cover for a Kindle, tablet, iPhone etc

Many of the hand-made covers for electronic devices are patchwork and very pretty - not very masculine.  It might work if you choose your fabrics carefully, or perhaps make this denim one from old jeans?  (Found on Hub pages.)

This cover (by Ann Kelle) would be suitable for a man, with a careful choice of contrast fabrics.  I would suggest no flowers!  Maybe different plain fabrics (textured?) in toning colours.  

This is also a great cover to make for any men you make things for, found on Biscuit Monster:


Did you watch The Great British Sewing Bee earlier in the year?  Did you see them making a tie?  Have you made one?  Perhaps now's the time to try!  Here's one by The Purl Bee via

Wine bottle cover

And finally, a fabric cover for a wine bottle from About Home.

If you have any good ideas for makes for men, please share them with us below!  And we'd love to see photos of anything you make for your menfolk.