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Make a Fabric Chain

22 December 2014 09:00

Did you make paper chains to decorate your home at Christmas as a child?  I suspect most of us did.  Here's a version of that decoration which doesn't need licking and which lasts several years!  It doesn't take long to make enough for a chain.


Strips of fabric approx. 20cms x 5 cms
iron-on hemming web
velcro dots or press studs
sewing notions


1. Cut strips of fabric approximately 20cms long by 5 cms.

2. Press the short edges of each strip under about 6mm (¼")

3.  Press the long edges of each strip into the middle.

4. Cut lengths of hemming web the same length as your strips and cut each one in half lengthways.  Place down the centre of each strip and press the edges into the middle, over the hemming web.

5. Stick or stitch your velcro dots or press studs onto the ends of the strip.  They will go on the top (right side) of one end and the bottom (wrong side) of the other end.   This end (with the fastener on the wrong side) will be the one that shows, so if one end looks better, make that the top!

6. Make your chain.