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Make a Yo-yo

29 December 2014 09:34

Here's a fun little make to do on your own or with your children, which is very versatile - yo-yos!  (also known as Suffolk puffs.)

All you need to start with is some fabric scraps, needle and thread and a template, or selection of templates.  There's a good tutorial on Patchwork Posse which includes templates, but all you need is something round about twice the size you want your finsished yo-yo to be.  A saucer is a good size to start with, but then you can try anything else you have which is round!  

Once you've made a few yo-yos, you might want to think about what you're going to do with them, so that you make them the right size.  You can applique them onto , for instance, a cushion.  Instructions for this are also on Patchwork Posse.


Yo-yo flowers are nice on their own, or you can glue or stitch them to all sorts of things to make napkin rings, hair decorations, bags, bunting - the list is almost endless.   This flower is from Made to be a Momma, with instructions for a napking ring.

These are from Mitzi's Collectibles blog and have knitting needle stems.

You can make a quilt from yo-yos (lots and lots - well over 1000 for a double bed!), but at least it's portable whilst you're making it!  You can follow ehow's instructions for a hand-sewn yo-yo quilt or stitch the yo-yos together by machine, as in Sew Take a Hike's tutorial.
You can find more ideas on my Pinterest board Crafty Sewing Ideas, but my favourite is a yo-yo doll.  I had trouble finding a good tutorial (and kept being distracted by other great ideas for yo-yos!), but this one on seems to do the trick.