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How Can I Sell My Designs?

19 January 2015 08:00

If you look at the front page of our web site, you will see almost 300 designs, uploaded by independent designers.  You may already have some of your designs there.  Or you may be wondering how to put yours there.

Once you have created a design which you think other people might like to buy, you need to buy some of it yourself!  Most designers just order a swatch.  This is so that you can check that the design works, repeats properly etc.  It also helps to focus your mind on whether it really is a saleable design!  And it helps to cover the costs involved in putting your designs on the site.

Once you've ordered some of a design, you get the option to make it public.  (It's not compulsory!  If you are designing something for your own use, or for your own business, then by all means keep it private.  It's disappointing when there's a lovely design hiding 'backstage', but it's entirely your choice.)

What happens when someone orders your design?

At the moment, we are not fully set up for selling your designs, so it doesn't run as automatically as I hope it will do one day!  So I'm afraid that, at the moment, you don't get a message telling you about the sale.  However, a note is made by the website that your fabric has sold.  You earn £2 per metre commission on every sale, 50p per fat quarter and 50p per tea towel.  We do not pay commission on swatches.  Subscribers to our newsletter (see top of page) get regular special offers.  This is often for designers - 4 swatches for £6 - which makes it a bit cheaper for you to make your designs public.

Getting paid

At the end of every month, I go through and check the sales.  If you have earned at least £10 in commission, then you get a payment via Paypal, and an email from me listing all your sales, so you can see which designs have sold that month and in what quantities.

If the commission you've earned is less than £10, you will still get an email listing the previous month's sales, but your commission will stay in your account until it reaches £10.  Every now and then, I go through and pay any commission which has been in an account for some time.

How will it work in the future?

High on my wish list for the web site is to make the Market Place better and more automated.  If you have any suggestions about the way we might run the Market Place, please leave a message below or email me at  You might have ideas about the way the Market Place should work, your involvement as a designer in the process, how the payments should work, etc.  Please let us know!

Thanks for selling your designs through Print me Pretty.