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Square Inspiration

01 February 2018 08:20

 In preparation for next week's design challenge, based on Squares, here is some inspiration to get your ideas flowing.

Designs based solely on squares will probably need to make good use of colour:

Squares within squares: 
Windows are often based on squares, though many are more rectangular or even other shapes.  Even so, they can provide inspiration:
Quilts are another source of inspiration in using squares: 
You could try something more abstract, like these two works of art by Thedor and Richard Shilling:
Or you could create a picture using squares.
  • Don't forget that, although it's fine to be inspired by another artist's work, it's not OK to copy it.  You can read about copyright in this blog post.
  •  You can find more images to inspire you on my Pinterest board Inspiration.
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Images, from top left, from:  Quilted Under the Influence The World in Stitches, Elle Decor, Paul Margetts, My Modern MetMy Domaine,  Foam & BubblesMargret Mary’s Place, Amish Spirit, Cool Idea Pins, Thedor and Richard Shilling