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Make a Quilt - Alternative Blocks

30 January 2015 08:25

Do you prefer one of the alternative blocks?  Or just looking to see?  Here they are.

'Sound Wave Quilt'

The block above uses more, narrower strips than we used in the pattern I explained yesterday.  I decided to stick with 7 2" strips, for consistency.  If you prefer the look of the narrower strips, either your block will be narrower or you will need to add extra strips.  It's up to you, as long as all your blocks are all the same size.

For my block, I cut 7 patterned strips and 7 white strips, each 4½" long and 2" wide.

Stitch a short side of a white strip to a short side of a patterned strip, using a ¼" seam.

Press the seam towards the patterned fabric.  Repeat for all strips.

At this point, all the strips are the same, so you can decide the order of the strips now.  Arrange them with the white at the top.  Stagger the strips so that they go up and down fairly evenly.  (You don't need to measure it unless being slightly out will annoy you - just do it by eye.)

Decide how long you want the first white section to be and cut across all the strips at this level.

Now pin the cut off portion of white onto the other end of each strip - don't get them mixed up at this point!  Stitch a ¼" seam and press the seam towards the coloured patch.

Sew strips 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 together – always using a ¼" seam.  Press the seams in one direction.

Now join these three strips together (check the order first!) and add the last strip.

Press the seams in the same direction as the previous seams.

Ta da!  One completed block!


'Book Stack' Quilt

For this block, I used this illustration for inspiration, but I didn't make all my strips the same width.  It's a great pattern for using scraps, because you can use whatever you have.

Choose which colours and patterns you will use for your first block.  Each strip should have the patterned patch in the centre, with white either side.  (I think the quilt above has the odd strip which doesn't have any white at one, or even, both ends.)  Arrange your strips so that the patterned patches are staggered.  My completed block is 11¼" wide (that's top to bottom in the photo below); you need enough strips to make this width.  (Don't forget to allow for seams at this stage.  The width before stitching - as in the photo below - is 14¼" )  The size isn't critical, but each of your blocks must be the same size.

This pattern is a bit fiddly, because there are several decisions to make and they all affect each other.  Once you've decided on the order of the strips, you need to decide how far across each one will go.  Keep an eye on the sides, because it's very easy to end up too far one way, with no room for the white.  It's also easy to unbalance your stack by having the patterned patch too far in one direction.

When you're happy with the arrangement, make sure there is a strip of white sewn to each end of each patterned patch.  Then sew the strips together as detailed above (always using a ¼" seam, of course.)  Finally, trim the white at both ends, so that the finished length of each strip is 8".

If you need more detailed sewing instructions, you can find them in yesteday's post, Make the First Block.

For the 'sound wave' block, I used (L to R): Sarah Summers' Cat Hearts aqua, Snowbirds; Tiffany Blue Cat by Magenta Rose; Robin by Rowena Taylor; Sarah Summers' Here Kitty Kitty soft aqua, Snow Birds pale jade and Here Kitty Kitty soft aqua.

For the 'Book Stack' block, I used (L to R): Sarah Summers' Here Kitty Kitty aqua