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Is it safe to pay via Paypal?

12 April 2018 08:45


Making payments for internet purchases can be tricky.  If you pay by credit card, there's always the thought that someone may get hold of your card details.  In any case, for new (ish) internet businesses, that isn't an option - banks won't allow it!


That's where Paypal comes in.  In its early days, Paypal didn't always have a good reputation.  However, that's not the case now.  Paypal's website is secure and encripted and is as safe as is reasonable to expect.  Obviously, it always makes sense to take precautions when sending money via the internet.  (There's an article here which has some useful tips.)  The big advantage of Paypal is that you don't give your card details to the seller.  Transactions are conducted via Paypal - they have your details, take your payment and then pay the seller.  It's very quick and straight-forward.

It's very often possible to pay via Paypal without having an account.  You will need to input your card details, but the payment still goes via Paypal.  That's the case for Print me Pretty, so you can still pay via Paypal, even if you don't want to create an account. 

There's a 'check out as a guest' button below the account sign-in section.


Alternative ways to pay

Some people still don't want to use Paypal.  You now have the option, on PmP's website, to pay off-line. 

However, this system is really meant for accounts which work in a different way to PmP and it isn't automated.  That means that I have to send you an email, giving you the details you need to pay off-line, so there may be a delay.

You can pay by cheque - but this will delay your order by up to a week, as you will have to post your cheque and I will have to bank it before your order is printed.

You can pay by BACS transfer.  This is our preferred alternative payment method, as it will only delay your order for as long as you take to make the payment.  If you use internet banking, then you should be able to pay fairly soon after you've placed your order.  If you don't use internet banking, then I think you can still use this method at your bank.  I haven't used it; you may have to pay for this service.

I hope that helps to clarify the payment options available to PmP customers.  If not, drop me a line.