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Design Challenge Themes July - December 2018

31 May 2018 08:30


We have almost come to the end of the design challenge / competition themes which I gave you for the first half of the year.  So here are the themes for the rest of 2018.  As before, the first date is the launch date, when, as usual, I'll give you the full details.  The second date is the closing date.

Theme Date 1 Date 2  
Girl's Cut & Sew Skirt 05-Jul 17-Jul A girl's skirt ready to cut out on a metre or less of fabric
Cut & Sew Shorts 02-Aug 14-Aug We can't leave the boys out!  Or you can design girls' shorts
Dance 06-Sept 18-Sept Anything dance-related
Christmas sack or stocking 04-Oct 16-Oct Self-explanatory!
Checks 08-Nov 20-Nov Any sort of check (but not Czech!)
Children's competition 06-Dec January The theme will be My Family, which covers most things!


In October and December they'll be competitions.  The other months they'll be challenges - so no prizes!

Please don't email designs ahead of the launch date for any of the challenges, just in case something has to change.  If I do ever change a theme, the original theme will be rescheduled, so don't throw away your design in disgust!

I hope this helps those who like a bit longer to mull over ideas.  I will also post these on Facebook after the next challenge.

Before these start, we have one more challenge from the first half of the year.  Look out for the On the Road challenge on June 7th.