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Design Challenge Entries - On the Road

29 June 2018 23:14

I'm afraid I'm very late with the blog post this week - blame it on the holiday!  We got back late on Wednesday, but then what to do first?  Deal with 100s of emails?  (I'm afraid I messed up the Out of Office message - I really have issues with that!)  Print orders?  Write a blog post?  As you can see, I decided that the blog post would have to be low priority.

But now, here are the entries to the On the Road challenge.  We had three this month.  They are:

Camper Van Road Trip by Katarina Berg:

Classic Race Car by Cheryl-Anne Wilson aka Lemons Lovely Loot:

Bank Holiday on the Road by Helen Hodgson aka Polly Dextrous:

Helen said, 'I had lots of fun drawing all of the vehicles, ably assisted by my youngest son who also decided where to stick them on the map (including a few Bank Holiday traffic jams!)'   

I like them all - what do you think?  Don't forget to tell the designers if you like their designs, either here (below) or on our Facebook page.
Thanks to those who entered.  Look out for next month's challenge on Thursday, when the challenge will be to design a girl's Cut & Sew Skirt