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Finding Design Inspiration

12 July 2018 08:04


Where do you look for inspiration for your next fabric design?

Of course, once you start thinking about designing fabric, patterns pop up all over the place!  If you keep your eyes open, which artists generally do, then you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

It's often easier when you're in a new environment, though.  It's easy not to notice things when you see them every day.

I've recently been in Eastern Europe, where the patterns were a bit different, and not always where you'd see them at home.  I thought I'd share a few of them with you in the hopes that it might help to inspire you.

Traditional Eastern European designs - folk designs - are very colourful, and still in evidence.  They're very often flower based, and we all like flowers on our fabric!

Prague, in particular, had lots of brightly coloured wares on sale.  Be inspired by some of these colourful designs:

We saw a lot of beautiful gates and balconies, mainly wrought iron.  Many of these suggested fabric design ideas:


Floors are often a good place to get inspiration, and in some countries and cities, pavements too.


We saw some interesting design inspiration on walls and posters which could be turned into designs:


And, of course, nature always provides inspiration, wherever you are!