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Instagram Challenge

23 August 2018 08:30

When you're creating a fabric design, where do you get your inspiration from?

It may be that you usually have so many ideas in your head that you don't have time to get them all down.

But maybe sometimes you run out of ideas.  You just can't think of anything!  

At those times, the best way to get ideas flowing again is often just to draw (or paint, or whatever you do - but most people start with a sketch of some sort, so that's what I'll go with.)

Of course, if you have no ideas at all, even that may be difficult. So, for a week from tomorrow, I'm running a designing challenge on Instagram to get you started.   All the prompts will be here, too, so you can still take part even if you're not on Instagram.

The challenge is to spend just a few minutes (5 or thereabouts) every day, sketching as quickly as possible whatever comes into your head from the prompt.  You're not aiming for a masterpiece, or even a finished design.  Just getting ideas on paper.  (Maybe one, or maybe several very quick ones.)  Lots of them may well be rubbish.  One or two may lead to a design.  One or two may lead you in a completely different direction. 

          That's fine. 

                    Just go with the flow. 

My aim is to get you started , especially if you're stuck.

Do try them all, even if the prompt is outside your comfort zone - maybe, especially if it is!

If everything's going well at the moment - congratulations!  Save the challenge for a dry period!  

If you're one of those people who enjoys responding to an external challenge, whether or not you're struggling, that's fine too - you're welcome to join in.

If you're brave, please share your design on Instagram, using the hashtag printmeprettychallenges.

The prompts are:

Friday  -  Whimsy

Saturday  -  Animals

Sunday  -  Seasonal

Monday  -  Abstract / Geometric

Tuesday  -  Man-made (The built environment)

Wednesday  -  Natural / Found patterns

Thursday  -  Text

There'll be a bit more detail on each day's Instagram post, but if you're not on IG, just go where the brief prompt above takes you.

You can find all the designs I will be using on Instagram in our Market Place, plus lots more to inspire you.

I look forward to seeing some design sketches and maybe even some finished designs as a result of the challenge.  Have fun!