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Why Design Your Own Fabric? For Fun!

09 March 2015 09:00

Have you tried designing your own fabric yet?  Lots of people find they enjoy doing it - it can even become addictive!  (It can also be frustrating.  There are blog posts to help beginner designers;  there's a round-up of some of the earlier ones here and there will be more help in the next few weeks.)

Some people just design for the fun of it.  Others put their designs on our web-site, making them public in the hope of a sale or two.  Others enjoy the challenge of working to a brief and a deadline, and enter our monthly design competition.  This month's contest has a theme of Books and closes tomorrow, March 10th.  The next contest will launch on March 30th.

You might also want to design a fabric for the fun of the fabric.  Maybe you could make a child's toy like this one, available for sale on DaWanda:

You could, of course, make it by sewing all the 'bits' on - or you could design the whole thing and just stitch it up.

How about this:

What do you think this dress is made from?  (If you've been to the Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green, you may have seen it before.)

It's a rag book!  Dean's, who used to make rag books for babies, used to supply printed cotton from their fabrics to use as fancy dress!  You could do something similar - or something completely different in the fancy dress line.

Are you having fun designing?