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Christmas Decorations

19 December 2018 09:06


How are the Christmas preparations going?

If you're like me, you're still rushing round like a headless chicken, trying to get everything done.

However, if you're one of the more organised sort, you may well have everything under control now, so how about making a new decoration for your home or as a little gift for someone?  We have quite a few tutorials on the blog, with instructions to make:

Christmas Wreath - these are simple and very satisfying to make.  Children love making them and they can be done in front of the TV.  You need a wire coathanger and lots of strips of (mostly green) fabric.  Jumble sales used to be a good source of cheap fabric for this type of project if your stash doesn't contain the right mix.  You might have to find a good market stall now!


Christmas Tree Decoration - you can make one to hang on your tree, or lots to make into a garland.  (See below.)  Again, you need scraps of mainly green fabric - or you could make a tree to match your other decorations in any colour you like!  Who says Christmas Trees have to be green?


Christmas Garland - this is one of my favourites.  Make lots of small decorations - trees as above, mittens as in this tutorial, baubles, anything else you can think of.  You can make lots of one design or lots of different ones.  Then sew them onto a ribbon.


Fabric Pompom - another stash buster, using scraps of coloured cotton to make a fabric pompom.


Fabric 'Paper' Chain - you probably made paper chains as a child.  This way is more environmentally friendly.  


Hexie Decoration - make a hanging decoration from tiny hexies.


Make a Nutcracker - you'll have to move fast for this one! Buy a Nutcracker kit from our Market Place.  If you order it today or tomorrow morning, it should arrive before Christmas!  Otherwise, keep it safe for next year!

There are more ideas on my Pinterest board Christmas.
Supplies:  Most of these decorations can be made using scraps from your stash.  If you need several small pieces of assorted fabrics, you can order one of our printed fabric packs for £4 post free by emailing me on  This offer is valid until Dec. 31st, but you will need to order today or early tomorrow to get it for Christmas.  Orders received after Dec. 21st will be posted in January.  Packs contain approx. 230g of printed fabric in smallish pieces.
You may also order a kit to make a hexie decoration; these will also be dealt with as above.