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Gift Tags

22 December 2018 10:42


The last post in this year's series of Christmas makes is a quick and easy one - gift tags.

There are, of course, lots of ways of making gift tags. These are quick and easy to make, using scraps of fabric.

You need:

blank gift tags (I used brown ones. You could cut them out of plain card, even the backs of old Christmas cards) 

scraps of fabric. 

To make:

Cut a triangle for the tree - in green, silver or any other colour - plus an oblong for the trunk. Make this longer than you want it, so there's plenty under the tree fabric, to hold it in place. Cut a size and shape of triangle (short and fat, long and thin etc) according to the size and shape of your gift tag.

Position your fabrics. I used a little square of double-sided tape to hold the tree in place. Stitch all round.  (If you start stitching at the top of the trunk and go down first, you can stitch all the way round without having to stop or go over one place twice - unless you want to do that, of course!)

And voila - one unique gift tag.