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Instagram Cryptic Clues - Answers

03 January 2019 08:39


Did you join in my '12 Days of Fabric' on Instagram over Christmas?  (If you did, you may have noticed that it was actually 14 days!)  Each day, I gave a clue to a type of fabric.  In case you missed the clues and want to have a go, I'll give them first.

  1.   Channel island
  2.  OK, German animal doctor
  3.  Barristers like to take this
  4.  Natural fabric practising routines
  5.  A tale of two cities?
  6.  It will be shortened
  7.  Village attacked by vegans
  8.  Take all my money
  9.  Baby spider climbing up the spout
  10.  Type of string of the king
  11.  Not quite in the loop, thereabouts
  12.  Queue after M  (this should perhaps have been queue before O)
  13.  Fallen about, almost
  14.  Not better, Edward



  1. jersey
  2. velvet
  3. silk
  4. cotton drill
  5. nylon
  6. twill
  7. wool
  8. fleece
  9. winceyette
  10. corduroy
  11. poplin
  12. linen
  13. flannel
  14. worsted


I hope you enjoyed them.  If there are any you're not sure about, do please ask!  (This month's design challenge to follow.)