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Children's Design Competition Entries 2018

10 January 2019 10:22


Thank you to the three children who entered our competition this year.  Their entries, in alphabetical order,  are:

Austin Doodle, by Austin aged 5

Evi's Cat by Evi aged 8

My Family by Faye aged nearly 8.

Austin and Faye's designs show the original drawing.  Evi's drawing was uploaded to the website, so it is shown at the swatch size.  You can see that at this size you get the original plus a little bit of repeat.

Austin's design shows a picture of him surrounded by his ‘monster family’!  He hasn’t decided what it should be used for but his mum thinks it would make a great bag or cushion. 

Evi has drawn her family of cats.  She had a fabulous time hand-drawing all the cats and little doodles. With a bit of help from Mum, they were uploaded into Paint 3D which she used to give them all lovely bright colours.

Judging by the relative sizes, I think Faye's fish must be the most important part of her family!  They were a Christmas present, so that may explain it.

Do please let the artists know if you like their designs, either below or on Facebook.

You can find the brief for the competition on this blog post.