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The Facebook Algorithm

14 February 2019 09:15

Did you see the post on our main Facebook page last Thursday, about our design challenge? Details are here if you missed it:

If you didn't see it, that may be because FB have made more changes to their algorithm (what a surprise!) which means that you're less likely to see PmP posts. Before, group posts were usually shown to most people. We regularly had 80% or more of our members seeing each post. 50% was low. Now, however, it's more like 2 or 3% who see each post. In fact, one recent post was only seen by 1 person! Our main page reach has gone down recently, too, from 50 - 60% to as low as about 10%.


It's been the case for a while that FB thinks you are no longer interested in a page if you don't interact regularly.  That means liking, commenting or sharing a couple of times a month.  (Sharing also increases the reach - worth remembering if your design is being featured!)  However, it seems that even that is no longer enough.

Apparently, the way to make sure you see our posts is to prioritise our page by adding it to your See First list.

If you're not already following our Page, click on Follow near the cover photo. (I assume this won't apply for you with PmP, but it might apply to another Page. You can add up to 30 Pages to your See First list.)
Hover over Following or Liked near the cover photo.
Select See First.

I've only just discovered this and haven't really tried it out much, so let me know how you get on!