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Fabric Fun Craft Club

31 January 2019 12:24


Hello, fabric lovers!

I'm sure you all know how much fun, relaxation and satisfaction (as well as the odd moment of frustration!) can be had by working with fabric.  Most of you will have your favourite way of using fabric, but it's fun to try something new.  It's also more fun to craft together.  But it isn't always possible or practical to go to a workshop or craft session.

So I'm very excited to announce our new venture -  the Fabric Fun Craft Club.

After some of the responses I had to our last workshop, it seemed clear that quite a few of you would have liked to come along, but it wasn't possible, due to distance, illness or other commitments.

It's fun to try something new, but it's not always easy - where do you get the materials and tools you need?  And learning from a book, or even just a video isn't always easy.  What you need is someone to talk to when it's going wrong, or you don't quite understand a technique.

So now you can have the best bits of a live workshop without the hassles of having to get there at a particular time!  (OK, maybe not all the best bits, but I think it's a good compromise!)

So, what is the Fabric Fun Craft Club?

It's a monthly craft box, delivered to your door, containing everything you need (including instructions) for that month's fabric-based craft.  (except, perhaps, the obvious things like scissors!)  Then, a week or so later, Club night will be held live in our brand new private Facebook group.  There'll be a demonstration of how to make that month's project, plus live help if you have any difficulties or questions.  Or you can just chat to the other members, if that's what you want.

The video and any discussion will be available afterwards, so if you can't be there live, you can join in later.  You can still ask questions later, too.

The first month's project is book-binding.  We'll make fabric-covered notebooks with labels for the front.  Here's an idea of some of the contents of the box:


You can also see one of the booklets in the tutorial Make a Fabric-Covered Notebook.

The March box will be available at a special introductory price of £15 and must be ordered by February 19th.  This price includes P&P within UK.  Postage outside UK is £4.  Club night will be on Friday, March 8th.

To order, email