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Design Challenge - Diggers

21 February 2019 11:15


Diggers - and other working vehicles - are the theme of this month's design challenge.

We had three entries:

Diggers by Heckadoodledo

Suzanne went with an accurate depiction of diggers.  You could play spot the difference with this design, because the diggers aren't all the same, although you might think that at first glance!

Diggers and Flowers by Kostolom, aka Anna Alekseeva

Anna chose an interesting combination of flowers and diggers.

Digger Tracks by Polly Dextrous

Helen chose to concentrate on the designs created by diggers' tyres.

An interesting selection of designs, all very different. 

Which is your favourite? 

Don't forget to Like any you do like, either here (below) or on our Facebook page.  If you want to check the brief, you can find all the details here.

Next month, we'll have a competition to design a Spring cushion, using a limited palette.  I realised too late that we had a limited palette for our Spring designs last year, so I'm not going to give you colours this time - the obvious ones are yellows, oranges and greens, which we had last time.  Instead, I'm going to stipulate only 3 colours, plus white.  Full details will be available on March 7th,