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The Knitting and Stitching Show 2019

14 March 2019 09:30


Are you a fan of craft fairs?  If so, do you like the big national ones, or small local ones?

I actually like both - they're very different.   A good local fair can showcase local small businesses, many of which include local products - local honey, paintings of local scenes, etc.  They tend to be smaller, so it's easier to talk to the stall holders.  I've paid several enjoyable, productive visits to The Crafters' Market, held mainly in Reigate, Surrey and organised by two local businesswomen.  I've bought unusual gifts for people from the maker, a craft kit for my grandson - almost certainly not the last as he's only just old enough for them -  and met a new customer.

The big national events obviously have far more places to buy from, but also include other attractions.

I went to the Spring Knitting and Stitching show last week.  All these big shows seem to have learnt from the Handmade Fair, and most now offer classes and workshops at their events.  The show last week also had plenty of crafty goodness to admire as well.

Many of the stands had wonderful displays, especially the patchwork and embroidery stands, but I also liked the cheeky felted man:

Then there was a display of quilts:

some amazing fabric figures:

entries to a design competition:

and an embroidery competition:

and a wonderful display of crocheted sculptures:

That's without even thinking about the wonderful, colourful stands: 

At the far end was an amazing knitted and crocheted landscape, 18 months in the making and raising money for a local charity:

Although it's not cheap to get in (and there's travel on top!), it was well worth the visit for all the lovely things to see, and the odd thing I bought - not to mention so much inspiration.
Perhaps next time, I should organise a Print me Pretty trip!