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Brownies Make Cushions

23 March 2015 08:00

9th Skelmersdale Brownies recently had fun making cushions for their mums for Mothers' Day.

They spent a Brownie meeting designing and drawing a 15cm square.  

9th Skelmersdale Brownies with their drawings


These were scanned and uploaded to Print me Pretty's web site, repeated 4 times to give a 30cm square cushion and printed by us onto 195gsm cotton.

Their Brown Owl very kindly machined the fronts to a plain backing, the colour of which had been chosen by the Brownies in advance.

The meeting before Mothers' Day was spent stuffing their cushion covers with toy stuffing and sewing up the opening.


The Brownies with their completed cushions

Brown Owl, Eileen Kenyon, told us how much the girls had enjoyed the project, how excited they were to get their printed designs and how pleased the mums were with their gifts.


A proud Brownie giving her Mothers' Day cushion to her mum.

Photos - Eleanor Kenyon


If you run a group and would like to do something similar, please get in touch.  We may be able to help with the design process and we can arrange to print the designs as economically as possible, as easily as possible.