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Project Linus Quilt

05 September 2019 09:25


Some of you may remember that I made a quilt during the 100 Day Project a couple of years ago, to go to Project Linus.  They make quilts to give to children who are sick in hospital. 

I thought it might be nice for us to make a communal quilt - or even quilts!

When I spoke to someone from the project, she said they always have trouble getting enough quilts suitable for older boys, so I thought that would be a good one for us to aim for, so not too many flowers!

There will be two ways to get involved.

First, via the monthly design challenge.  More about that later.

The second way is for you to make a block and send it to me to be added to the quilt.

Blocks should ideally be fat quarter size - 56cms x 50cms - but if you make a smaller one, I'll do my best to incorporate it.  If you want to make more than one block, it will probably be easier for me if you make separate fq-size blocks.

The blocks should be basically blue and white.  They can be a smaller repeat pattern (several smaller blocks stitched together, or a 'cheat' quilt pattern!) or they can be one fq-size 'picture'.  You may include a small 'pop' of one other colour, but the predominant colour-scheme should be blue and white.  That way, they should all go together.

Please post completed blocks to Print me Pretty, Unit 7 Glebeland Centre, Vincent Lane, Dorking, Surrey,  RH4 3HW, by the end of November if possible.  If you have a block nearly ready by then, but not quite, please email me and let me know, so that I can make allowance for any extra pieces.  (

Let's get busy and see if we can complete at least one quilt between us!