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The 100 Day Project

23 April 2015 09:00

Have you heard about the 100 Day Project?

I sometimes read Pip Lincolne's blog Meet Me At Mike's, which is where I heard about the project.  I only just heard about it in time, because it started on April 6th.  The idea is that you commit to something creative which you will do for 100 days from April 6th - or whenever you start.  I have a lot of sewing I want, or need, to do in the next few weeks, so the timing was perfect for me.  I shall do some sewing every day from April 6th till July 14th.  Why don't you join in?  It doesn't have to be anything big; you just commit to doing something each day, and posting your efforts on Instagram - just to keep us on track!

If you're on Instagram - which Print me Pretty is now (hello 21st century!) - then search for #The100dayproject to see what people are doing.  Lots of the challenges involve paint & brushes or pen & ink, but there are some sewers, knitters and crocheters there, too.  There's even one guy playing the piano every day!  You can find my efforts at #100Days of PmPsewing.

Here are some of the posts I've enjoyed:


Art on the moon's mandalas every day


Elba Valverde's daily patterns


Piano Jim's playing


Another stitcher - Wandering Minstrel

Nice mice for you's beautiful town paintings

I could go on, but it's probably better if you check it out for yourself.  Let me know if you decide to join in!


List image by Hanna Karlzon; top image by Autumn Rose