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Make a Yoyo necklace

09 April 2015 09:00


I was thinking about a little craft project you might like to do with your kids if the Easter holidays are testing your creativity, when my Mollie Makes magazine arrived with free buttons.  Then I found this yoyo bracelet on Zakka Life:


It even has buttons the same colour as the Mollie Makes ones!

I thought the tiny yoyos needed for the bracelet might be a bit fiddly, so I decided to make a necklace instead.  It's a very adaptable design; you can make as many yoyos as you liike, in whatever size you like.  You can raid your button tin for any suitable buttons.  This is how I made my necklace.

You will need

scraps of lightweight cotton

circle template(s) - see below for details

needle and thread



To make

1. Decide on the size you want your yoyos to be and find a template which is about twice the diameter of your finished yoyos.  I used a glass which is about 8cms across and a slightly bigger jar for the centre yoyo.  You could use a saucer, tin, cd - anything round of the right size.  (Or choose your size according to what you have available!)  If you remember your school geometry, you could even make a template from cardboard, using a pair of compasses!  Remember that you need a circle of fabric roughly twice the size you want your finished yoyo to be.

2. On the back of your fabric draw round your templates.  I made 1 larger and 4 smaller yoyos.

3. Cut out your circles

4. Turn under a narrow hem and sew a running stitch to hold the hem in place, and to gather the circle.  Start with a knot; don't fasten off until you have pulled the stitches up to make your yoyo.  

You will probably need to rearrange the circle to make it even all round, with the openning central.

5. Stitch a button into the opening in the centre of your yoyo.

6. Arrange the yoyos till you are happy with the layout.

7. Stitch the yoyos together.

8. Sew a length of ribbon to each end of the yoyos to tie the necklace on.

9. Wear your new necklace!