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8 Reasons Why Art Improves Your Thinking

13 April 2015 08:00

Did you know that art (and design!) improves your thinking?  According to Zippi, there is empirical evidence that getting involved in art activites really does improve your thinking.  

Who is, or are, Zippi?  They're a web site I came across recently, who allow you to upload your designs and get them printed.  Sound familiar??  The difference is that Zippi prints onto products like phone cases and mugs.  They also allow you to put your art work for sale on their products, so the designers amongst you might like to check them out.

Here is the infographic they produced to show how art improves your thinking:

8 Reasons Why Art Improves Your Thinking

So what are you waiting for?  Get your paintbrushes out now, or head off to your nearest art gallery!  At the very least, go and admire the artwork on Zippi.


Image - The Fighting Temerare by J.M.W. Turner