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Children's Design Competition 2019

23 January 2020 08:00

Sadly, we didn't have any entries to our children's design competition again this year.  However, we did have a couple of late entries, so I am showing them to you.

Both are by pre-schoolers, giving an insight into the development of children's drawing.  Both families have long legs, little or no bodies, but all the facial features are there.  Arms seem to be a problem for both children.  It is interesting, too, that both of them show an appreciation of scale.  Parents are bigger, children smaller and, in one case, dolls are even smaller.

Here is Petal's family:

and here is Joshua's:

Joshua is 4 years old and Petal is 3.

Thank you to Petal and Joshua for sharing their artwork with us.  If you'd like to comment, you can do that below or over on our FB page.  The brief for the competition can be found here.