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Crafts for young children

21 March 2020 09:17


Now that schools and nurseries are closed, many of you will be wondering how you're going to keep your children occupied for all those extra hours each day.  It's going to be especially hard for those with pre-schoolers who have fewer resources of their own to fall back on.  Most of you are probably creative and are probably used to doing creative activities with your children.  But even you may run out of ideas, and those who rely on nursery to  give their children a creative outlet may be feeling they have no idea where to start.

So, under the umbrella of our Fabric Fun Craft Club, I will run a live session each Friday, at 10.30am, showing younger children (but older ones can join in too!) how to make something.  They will be primarily fabric-based ideas, but many, if not most, can also be done with paper.  I will host these sessions on the PmP FB page.  Weekly details will also be on there.  And if you're panicking (is that how you spell it??) because you don't have the craft materials you might need, I'm putting together a box of bits to help.  Full details will be on FB.

The first session will be next Friday, March 27th.  You will need  a clean, empty tin, fabric or paper big enough to cover the tin, plus scraps, scissors , trims and glue   paper or card (A4 is fine, but may be a bit fiddly for smaller fingers, so something bigger would be even better for them), scraps of coloured fabric or paper - all the colours of the rainbow, scissors, glue (eg Pritt stick), pencil.

For our next session on Friday, April 3rd, you will need a clean, empty tin, fabric or paper big enough to cover the tin, plus scraps, scissors , trims and glue.  I moved this session from last week, so that we could make a rainbow to go in the window - providing children with something to look our for on their walks.

Our next session will be on Thursday, April 9th (rather than on Good Friday) at the usual time of 10.30.  You will need brightly coloured scraps of fabric, paper or crepe paper, scissors, glue, pencil and sticks.  Full details on our Facebook page.

On Friday, April 17th, we're making 'bling' - a bracelet and a rosette to wear when you dress up.  You will need:  strips of fabric (or thin card) long enough to go round your wrist, plus a bit; wool and a small fork; decorations; needle and thread (optional); glue; long, thin strips of fabric; back of a cereal packet; scissors.
On April 24th, we'll make a no-sew skirt for a doll or teddy.  You will need:  your dolly or teddy; a piece of fabric big enough to wrap round your toy with a bit extra all round; pencil; ruler; scissors; glue (Pritt stick works well)
On May 1st, we'll make a sock caterpillar.  You will need: an old sock, toy stuffing (or something which will do the job), rubber bands, a pipe cleaner, plus bits for decoration, including eyes (googly eyes or fabric ones), scissors and glue.
On May 15th, we'll make leaf prints.  You will need: a selection of leaves and flowers, a hammer, a board, pieces of fabric or paper, masking tape.

Don't worry if you miss a week, or are late to the session.  All the crafts are on our Facebook page, and aren't going away.