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More about masks

30 July 2020 08:55


It seems that masks are going to be needed  more  - since July 24th, you've needed one every time you go in a shop and who knows where will be next??

If you are lucky, you can buy paper ones relatively cheaply.  However, they then have to be disposed of, and, over time, the cost will mount up.  So a washable one makes sense.  Or, rather, several washable ones!  I've recently seen handmade ones selling for around £8 and 'designer' masks cost upwards of £20.  So, if you sew, make your own!

If you would like to design your own fabric, you can get templates here.  

You can go one step further, and make these designs available to the public via our Market Place.  These designs need a bit more fabric than usual, possibly in a different shape, so call your design MASKwhatever, and I will print the whole template for the price of a swatch / fat quarter.  We currently have one mask available, here.

If you need help with the sewing, there are lots of pins on Pinterest - I've put some on the PmP Pinterest board Crafty Sewing Ideas.  Or you can use my instructions from our Fabric Fun Craft Club night, which are now available on Teachable.  This costs £2.  Send me an email if you would like more details, or to sign up.

If you haven't got the bits and bobs you need to make a mask, then you can buy a mask kit.  This will include all the fabric you need, plus stretchy loops for your ears and thread.  They cost £5 if ordered with other fabric, £7 if ordered alone (this includes postage.)  Please email to order.

If you're more of a designer than a sewer, then look out for our first design competition this year - design a face mask.  Full details will be available from August 6th, but it will be based on either of our face mask templates, available here.

Normally, designers don't get commission on sales of a swatch.  However, it seems a bit mean to say 'design a face mask' and then not pay commission!  So, if your face mask design is called MASKxxxx (where x is the name of your design), then I will pay 25p commission on each mask sold.