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A rose by any other name

13 August 2020 09:15


What is the name of your latest design?

                      Do you find it difficult to name your designs?

                                           Does it matter what your design is called?


If you only create one design, then it may not matter that it is called CB43F1BE CD01 4F87 A8F8 0546A6A3F2FD.  However, if all your designs have names like this, then you are going to have fun finding the one you want in your account.  I am going to have even more fun printing them.  I seem to be getting more and more orders which contain a number of files with names like this one.  Distinguishing between 3 on one order is hard enough, but if I have several orders like this, then it becomes even more difficult.  Then, when it comes to packing orders up for posting, which one is this one? What is on this design?

On the other hand, if a design has a descriptive name then it is much easier to remember it and to find the right design.  Even a name which doesn't mean anything to me (Mum's apron, for instance) is easier to deal with than CB43F1BE CD01 4F87 A8F8 0546A6A3F2FD.

If you plan to make your design public, then a good name is even more important.  Something short and snappy is best, but the name should be descriptive to some extent, and ideally will attract attention and be memorable.

So what should you call your design?

I appreciate that, for some of you, choosing a name is difficult.  You could start with something descriptive.  If your design is predominantly blue, call it Blue Something.  The Something could be connected to the shapes or images in the design - Blue Flowers, Blue Swirls, etc.  Or you could be a bit more abstract - Blue Haze, Blue Memories.  Another starting point could be the end use for your design.  If it's going to be a pair of shorts for your son, you could call the design Tommy's Shorts.  Or maybe Tommy's Trains, or whatever is in the design.  None of these ideas is earth-shattering, but they are a step in the right direction.  The more you try to name your designs, the easier it will get.

Ideally, give your file it's new name before you upload it, as it will automatically be given the name which is on the file when it uploads, but you do have the option to change its name after it's uploaded.

So, let's have a practice.  What would you call this design? 

Here are a few suggestions: Leaves and flowers, Tranquil ring; Floral ring; Green haven; Vinca; Floral space; Hammered.  Any other ideas?

How about this one?  Those of you who are good at coming up with names can join in, too, to give ideas to those whose imaginations don't work so well in this direction.

(From  Wikimedia)
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