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Make an Heirloom Advent Calendar for Christmas

24 September 2020 16:30


What is it about Christmas that makes us want to make things?  So many of us make decorations, table coverings, placemats and many other things from the many lovely Christmas fabrics around.

So why not make something special this year which you can bring out year after year?

Many years ago, I made this Advent calendar.  The little pockets hold a decoration for the tree and a card. The card has a picture relating to one part of the Christmas story, which we read each day (when we could!) Then the children took it in turns to put the decoration on the tree.  By Christmas Eve, when we put the star on top of the tree, the tree was decorated with baubles and candles, and the side of the calendar with pictures.

I have designed an Advent calendar based on this one, which we will make at the Fabric Fun Craft Club night in October.  We will make the decorations in November.  Or, you could put chocolate or (very!) small gifts in each pocket. 

First draft - no pockets added yet!

Boxes, containing everything you need to make an Advent calendar, cost £30, including UK postage.  Postage to Europe costs £4 extra.  As well as everything you need to make your calendar, boxes include instructions, plus access to our live club night and the videos afterwards, plus  lists of suppliers and anything else I think might be useful.  Boxes to make decorations for your tree will be available  in November.  These will cost £12.  However, if you sign up to both months now, the total cost will be £35.

Sign up below by October 2nd.