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15 October 2020 10:34


It's two years since our last survey, so I thought it would be interesting to run another one.  There are only 10 questions, so it will only take about 4 minutes to complete, but it helps us to get a picture of our customers.  

I would be very grateful if you would complete the survey as fully as you can.  You may, of course, omit any questions you don't want to answer or seem irrelevant to you.  The results will be anonymous.

If the boxes aren't big enough for what you want to say, please feel free to add anything else in an email!   Please note that this is the same survey that I put on FB over a week ago.  I've had trouble getting it into the blog.  If you completed the survey on FB, thank you.  You don't need to do it again!

If you're interested, you can find the results of our previous surveys here: 2016 and 2018.

I'll report back on the results of the survey in a few weeks.