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The 100 Day Project 2021

28 January 2021 18:05


Do you know about the 100 Day Project?

If not, check out this blog post from the first time I got involved.

The idea is that you commit to something creative which you will do for 100 days from January 31st - or whenever you start.  I have joined in several times now, usually being creative with fabric in some way.   You are supposed to post your efforts every day on Instagram.  One of the problems with sewing is that it isn't always very good for the IG side of the challenge.  If you stitch (and photograph) a seam one day,  the next day may very well be the matching seam on the other side of your garment, and therefore tricky to photograph in an original way.  I usually only post every few days if I'm in that situation, so I'm not posting what looks like the same photo several times!

Last year I decided to call my challenge 100 days of Fun with Fabric, which covered a multitude of different projects.  It was more fun, easier to stay motivated for the whole challenge (100 days is a long time!) and meant I could include the kids' crafts I did on Facebook on Fridays during lockdown and the various crafts we tried in the Fabric Fun Craft Club. (If you don't know about our club, you can read about it in the blog post Fabric Fun Craft Club.)  I've decided to go with the same theme again this year, although the individual projects will be different.

Why don't you join in?  It doesn't have to be anything big; you just commit to doing something creative each day, and posting your efforts on Instagram - just to keep us on track!

If you're on Instagram - you can find Print me Pretty here -  then search for #The100dayproject to see what people are doing.  Lots of the challenges involve paint & brushes or pen & ink, but there are some sewers, knitters and crocheters there, too.  You can find my efforts at #100Daysoffunwithfabric (except you need to use the emoji 100, see below) and I will post mostly on @fabricfuncraftclub.

If you decide to join in, do let me know, so I can find you and share in your fun!